Outreach Committees

Outreach Committees develop activities, networks and promote and represent the ISI and its Associations in different regions. An Outreach Committee is established by the Council in accordance with ISI’s Statutes and By-laws. Chairs of Outreach Committees must be ISI members, and members of Outreach Committees must be members of the ISI and/or its Associations. The chair is appointed by ISI’s Executive Committee, and the members of the Committee are appointed by ISI’s Executive Committee in consultation with the chair.

Each Outreach Committee shall establish, maintain and promote an associated ISI Regional Network in their region.

To join a Regional Network, please contact the Committee’s Chair via the Committee’s own web page, or contact Mrs. Olivia van Dijck-Timbol.

For more information, please see the Guidelines for ISI Outreach Committees.

Current committees