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International Statistical Institute's Communities Platform is an online platform connecting our members worldwide, aiming to encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing by bringing together statisticians from around the world.

One of the best features of this platform is that it allows statisticians from remote locations to connect with a flourishing community of leading statisticians. We created a safe online space for sharing knowledge and having interactive experiences. 

In an environment of trusted connections, intellectually stimulating discussions, and a thriving supportive community, you find yourself amidst ideas, innovations, and impact-driven stories. 

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What members say

The study and advancement of statistics naturally occurs on an international scale!

What better way to contribute to our discipline than by networking and collaborating with others from around the world. This can be concisely achieved by joining the ISI.

Kimberly F. Sellers  Associate Professor of Statistics  Georgetown University
Kimberly F. Sellers
Associate Professor of Statistics, Georgetown University

Joining the ISI has enriched my professional life and offered a platform to expand my network of research collaborations.

Ksenija Dumicic  Leader of Postgraduate Study in Statistics
Ksenija Dumicic
Leader of Postgraduate Study in Statistics, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economic and Business

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