What is an Institutional Membership?

Organisations are encouraged to assist us in furthering the cause of statistics on a national and international level.

We count many national statistical offices, regional/international organizations, departments of universities, and central banks among our institutional and corporate members, and statistical societies among our affiliate members.

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Reduced ISI Regular Membership Fee

Receive a reduction on the ISI Regular membership fee for staff members in your organisation, and let your employees enjoy the prestige of belonging to a vibrant and elite statistical organisation.

Reduced Registration Fee for ISI events

Two representatives of your organization per year can enjoy reduced registration fees for the ISI World Statistics Congresses and/or ISI Regional Conferences where they can participate in a variety of sessions, workshops, and meetings dedicated to statistics, data science, and its applications. 

Journals & Publications: Reduced Fee

Receive a free hard copy of the International Statistical Review (ISR). 

Get reduced subscription rates on ISI and the ISI Associations’ journals and other publications. 

Connect, Network & Collaborate

Connect to a community of statisticians and make impactful connections with statisticians in academic life, government, and business across the world. 

Contribute to ISI activities through many committees, interest groups, and outreach groups.

Capacity Building Opportunities

Contribute to the growth and development of our discipline around the world – particularly in locations where there are few statisticians.

Advocate statistical literacy and good decision making using evidence.

Let your thought leaders share their knowledge in ISI online courses, short courses, and regional webinars.  

Early & mid-career professionals can apply for Contributed Paper Sessions at regional conferences and World Statistics Congresses.

Senior management can apply for Invited Paper Sessions at regional conferences and World Statistics Congresses.

Visibility of your Organization + Sponsorship & Endorsement of your Events

Have your organization’s name displayed on the ISI website.

Get sponsorship or endorsement for your events.

Sponsorship is necessary and welcome in fulfilling the ISI mission to lead, support and promote the understanding, development and good practice of statistics worldwide, by providing the core global network for statistics. 

In the same vein, ISI also considers requests for endorsing events and conferences.

Interested in becoming an Institutional Member?


What members say

I'm an ISI member to demonstrate my support for the statistics community; to stay connected to the last advances in statistical techniques and practices; and to play my part to promote the importance of high quality statistics worldwide.

Marcel van Kints  General Manager  Australian Bureau of Statistics
Marcel van Kints
General Manager, Australian Bureau of Statistics

My perspective as a statistician has been enriched by my interactions with international colleagues since joining ISI. It is a pleasure to connect and collaborate with statisticians from around the world.

John Bailer, University Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Statistics Miami University
John Bailer
ISI President (2019-2021), University Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Statistics, Miami University