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Ottawa 2023, 64th ISI World Statistics Congress

ISI Blogs

President’s Column

19 April 2022

Life’s journey

by Steve Penneck, ISI President

Director’s Column

19 April 2022

A message from the ISI Director

by Ada van Krimpen, ISI Director

Statisticians React to the News

16 February 2022

Can Moneyball save the unicorn?

by Michael Rosing (Greenland)

28 January 2022

Dangers of combining averages

by Edin Šabanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

4 January 2022

Significant fitness

by Ashley Steel (USA, Italy)

21 December 2021

Candy cane shortages and the importance of variation

by Cory McCartan (USA)

What our members say


Eniuce Menezes de Souza explains why she is a member of the ISI Family.


Ola Awad, ISI Council member 2017–2021, shares her experience as a member of the ISI Family.

Joining the ISI has not only widened my statistical scope but has also lead to lots of statistical friendships all over the world. Do not hesitate and join the ISI and the WSC2021!

Eric Schulte Nordholt

NOC Chair of the WSC 2021

Statistics Netherlands