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The most recent headlines for ISI

President’s Message: Some remarks on assumptions

Explicit and implicit awareness of assumptions is core to our discipline of statistics in all its forms and manifestations. Across all levels of statistics education, from year 1 to the most sophisticated of workplaces, it has been emphasized many times over many years that it is essential to teach awareness of assumptions – identification, evaluation and critiquing. More>>


International Statistical Review December 2017 Issue

Explore the latest issue of the International Statistical Review, including an interview with Nancy Reid.


The UN World Data Forum 2018: Call for Sessions

The UN World Data Forum 2018 will bring together data leaders from diverse stakeholder groups, including national and international statistical systems, academia, business community and civil society, to exchange ideas, showcase innovations, identify solutions, discuss future strategies, and provide mutual learning opportunities on a wide variety of topics organized across six thematic areas of the Forum. More>>


Interview with ISI Director Ada van Krimpen

ISI Director Ada van Krimpen talks about the ISI strategy at the Wiley Executive Seminar. More>>


ISI Membership Elections 2017 Third Round

Sincere congratulations to our new Elected members! More>>


ISI Committees

Discover the latest changes in the ISI Committees including the SPC for the ISI WSC 2019, the Membership Elections Committee, Young Statisticians and Women in Statistics Committees. 


Volunteers Sought to Help our Colleagues in the Caribbean          

After the territories of the Caribbean were hit by a series of hurricanes in September, a small team from the IAOS, the  ISI and Statistics without Borders (SwB) have been  working with regional partners to identify areas where the NSOs may need help. More>>


The most recent headlines for Associations 


International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP): Statistical Poster Competition opens in January

The Statistical Poster Competition for lower and upper secondary school students will open in January 2018. The coming competition includes a new category of university students, without age limit. National competitions around the world are organized by the country representatives of the ISLP, and are followed by an international final. The international prizes are sponsored by the JMP from SAS. More information will be available soon at the ISLP website


SERJ Call for Papers

The Statistics Education Research Journal (SERJ), a journal of the International Association for Statistical Education (IASE), announces a special issue on the topic of building connections and future generations of statisticians, currently planned for May 2019.  More>>


IAOS - OECD 2018 Conference, 19 - 21 September 2018, Call for Papers

The 2018 IAOS-OECD Conference will be held at the OECD Headquarters in Paris from 19 – 21 September 2018. The Conference will be built around the themes of Sustainability, Well-being and Quality of Life, The Future Role of Official Statistics, Communication and Statistical Literacy, and Digitalisation and Globalisation. More>>


2017 IASC-ARS Conference

The 2017 IASC-ARS conference will be held at University of Auckland, New Zealand, on 10-14 December 2017. More>>


Request for Proposals for Invited Program Sessions, 62nd ISI WSC

The IASS is seeking suggestions for WSC 2019 invited and special topic sessions. More>>


ISBIS pleased to announce the birth of its Blog Corner!

Intended to foster dynamic communication among ISBIS members through the discussion of issues within the scope of the ISBIS’ areas of activity, blog entries are posted on the ISBIS website. More>>

Events & Meetings

Upcoming significant meetings and events


62nd ISI 2019 World Statistics Congress Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Biometrics by the Border Where: Kingscliff NSW, Australia





EMA/DIA EU Statistics Forum Where: London, UK









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