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The International Statistical Institute is an independent organisation of members that connect professionals in the fields of statistics and data science worldwide. We organise activities aligned with our strategic priorities. Some of the activities include: publishing scientific journals, hosting awards and prizes, and supporting our associations, committees and special interest groups that cover all topics of statistics and all sectors where statisticians work. This includes academia, government and industry. The ISI acknowledges the diversity of its members by offering different types of membership, discover them below.


Elected Membership


An Elected Membership is open to individuals who are established in their careers and have made significant contributions to the statistical profession. Candidates for Elected Membership may be nominated, invited or propose themselves.

Regular Membership


Join the International Statistical Institute. The Regular Membership is for anyone who shares the values and objectives of the ISI. A membership runs for one year, from 1 January - 31 December.

Institutional Membership


Join the International Statistical Institute as a national, regional, or international statistical office or agency to become a part of improving the field and awareness of statistics nationally and internationally.

Corporate Membership


Besides national, regional, and international statistical institutes/agencies, any other organisation may join as Corporate Member, subject to approval by the Executive Committee. 


Affiliated Membership


As an Affiliated Member, you can contribute and support activities in official statistics, academia, business, education and more. Find out more information about this membership type for National and Regional statistical societies and associations.

Association memberships


Become a member of one or more of our associations. We also encourage Regular and Elected Members to join their association(s) of interest. All associations use the same registration form.

Some of our Associations also provide membership possibilities for institutions.

Already a Member?


Are you a current member or a former member? You can then access your account through the link below. Would you like to sponsor an individual? Please get in contact with us by sending us an E-mail.

Current Members

As an existing ISI or Association member, you can add membership of the ISI or extra Associations, after you login to your account.

Former members

As a former member, you can have your membership reinstated. Login to your account and add the membership(s).

Pay for Other Members

If you would like to pay the individual membership fee for an other member(s), please send an E-mail to [email protected] for information on how to proceed.


Annual Fees 2024


Find out more information regarding the annual fees for all individual membership types and combination fees. You can also find information regarding the methods of payment available. 

For low and middle income countries and regions that we support, there are separate fees.



What members say

Joining the ISI has not only widened my statistical scope but has also lead to lots of statistical friendships all over the world. Do not hesitate and join the ISI and the WSC2021!

Eric Schulte Nordholt,  NOC Chair of the WSC 2021,  Statistics Netherlands
Eric Schulte Nordholt
NOC Chair of the WSC 2021, Statistics Netherlands

ISI meetings are the only place for panels with contributors from vastly different areas of statistics, each drawing their own audience who would not otherwise participate in a discussion together.

Peter Guttorp
Peter Guttorp
Vice-President (2019-2021), ISI

Former ISI President Quote



ISI offers statisticians and data scientists an opportunity to contribute to human development by improving statistical practice and capacity worldwide; and provides opportunities for statisticians to connect and network as part of an international community. 

John Bailer, ISI President (2019-2021)

A. John Bailer