A membership year runs from 1 January – 31 December.

The annual fees for organisational memberships are determined by the ISI Executive Committee. If you want to find out the annual fee for your organisation before you join, please contact the ISI Permanent Office.


Choose your type of membership





For national, regional, and international statistical institutes and agencies to assist in furthering the cause of statistics internationally and nationally.


For all institutions and enterprises that share or support the aims of the ISI.


For national and regional statistical societies and associations.




As a member of the ISI you will:

  • contribute and support activities in official statistics, academia, business, education and other disciplines at all levels throughout the world,
  • receive a free hard copy of the International Statistical Review (ISR). Get reduced subscription rates on ISI and the ISI Associations’ journals and other publications,
  • have your organisation’s name displayed on the ISI website,
  • play an important role in promoting the understanding, development and good practice of statistics worldwide,
  • receive a reduction on the ISI Regular membership fee for staff members in your organisation,
  • enjoy the prestige of belonging to a vibrant and elite statistical organisation,
  • collaborate with statisticians who support, advocate and promote ethical practice in statistics,
  • participate in a variety of conferences, workshops and meetings dedicated to statistics and its applications. Two representatives of your organisation can enjoy reduced registration fees for the ISI World Statistics Congresses (WSCs) and ISI conferences,
  • contribute to and benefit from statistical capacity building initiatives for developing regions.


The same as for ISI Institutional members, plus you can have:

  • your organisation’s logo displayed on the ISI website, with a link to your website.


The same as for ISI Institutional members, except for the:

  • reduction on the ISI Regular membership fee for staff members in your organisation.