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SJIAOS – Call for Papers – The value and cost of Official Statistics

26 October 2023

The Statistical Journal of the IAOS is calling for papers on the theme of “The value and cost of Official Statistics”. Assessing the value of Official Statistics is becoming more and more important now that public budgets for statistical operations are progressively decreasing and official statisticians are requested to justify the large investments required for major data collections.

Papers which look at key questions assessing the benefits and costs are particularly welcome.

Key questions include:

  • What is the impact of official statistics on decision making?
  • How to measure the use of official statistics in policy processes and investment decisions?
  • What is the impact of official statistics to information -based policies and decisions?/ What are the costs of the lack of essential statistical information?
  • How to communicate the importance of official statistics to policymakers?
  • How can a business case for justifying an investment in a major statistical operation be built?

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