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IASE IPS Sessions at the ISI WSC

08 February 2023
IASE IPS Session at WSC

The congress received a total of 22 proposals for IASE-related sessions. After careful review, 16  proposals were accepted. The proposals promise very interesting sessions on the following topics:  

  1. Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and Adjustments on Teaching Statistics: The  Philippine Case 
  2. Areas for alignment of labour market information to meet the planning needs of technical and  vocational education and training 
  3. Looking to the Future: Important Themes in Statistics Education 
  4. Data science skills for the next generation of statisticians: collaboration with academia 
  5. Setting up of Collaborative Systems between Academic Institutions and Industry, to build a  strong Data Skills/Talent Value Chain 
  6. Building Capacity in Statistics Education in Africa 
  7. Reimagining data literacy education for all students: Challenges and new directions in higher  education 
  8. Data science education in developing countries: challenges and strategies.
  9. Mentoring to Build Capacity 
  10. How to sustain and strengthen the LISA-2020 Stat labs in future? - Insights from experiments  conducted by some of the members 
  11. Statistics and data in the decision-making process – how can statistical offices promote the  usage and application of data? 
  12. Building Bridges: data fellowships + data skills = international data literacy 
  13. The Role of Statistical Collaboration in Achieving Sustainable Agriculture, Improved Nutrition  and Food Security: The TEACH Project Experience of LISA 
  14. Statistical Collaboration with Domain Expert 
  15. Promoting Statistical Practice and Collaboration in Developing Countries 16. The African Data Initiative
James Kaleli Musyoka
WSC, IASE Representative