17 Apr 2024

ISLP Poster Competition - ISLP in association with IASE

Date 17 Apr 2024
Time 16:00 GMT+02:00 - 17:30 GMT+02:00
Level of instruction Intermediate
Registration fee

Chairs: Hugo Hernández, Adriana D'Amelio 

Presenters: Patrizia Collesi, Soledad Estrella, Volker Kraft

This webinar is designed to give three countries the opportunity to talk about their experiences in organizing the poster competition. The Poster Competition is organized by country coordinators who - with great effort, and generally with few resources - promote and commit to the literacy of students in the different age categories. Many do so with successful results, and with an increase in participation year after year. Others started with difficulties, but experience and enthusiasm made them grow.

In addition to three countries’ perspective, there will be a demo in how to use the free JMP Software to create a statistical poster. JMP/SAS is a longtime supporter and sponsor of the ISLP International Poster Competition.