28 Feb 2024

IASS Webinar 37: New Developments in Small Area Estimation - A Practitioner’s Perspective

Date 28 Feb 2024
Time 13:00 GMT+01:00 - 14:30 GMT+01:00
Level of instruction Intermediate
David Newhouse
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Speaker: David Newhouse

Webinar Abstract 
This talk will cover recent developments in the literature on small area estimation in developing countries from a practitioner’s perspective. It will consider the merits of non-traditional sources of auxiliary data, particularly geospatial data. It will also consider different statistical methods for estimation, software packages to carry out estimation, and propose a research agenda to fill knowledge gaps.



David Newhouse
David Newhouse

About the instructor

David Newhouse is a Senior Economist in the World Bank’s Development Economics Data Group, and a fellow at the Institute of Labor Economics. His work has focused on economic measurement, including integrating survey data with non-traditional data, and analysis related to poverty and jobs in developing countries. He holds a PhD in Economics from Cornell University and has published many articles in respected journals on statistics, labour, poverty, health, and education in developing countries.