17 Nov 2023

IASC - Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Teaching of Statistics

Date 17 Nov 2023
Time 15:00 GMT+01:00 - 16:30 GMT+01:00
Level of instruction Intermediate
Agustín Gómez
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  1. Day 1 - 1 November
  2. Day 2 - 17 November


I. Introduction
a. Introduction of the speaker
b. Objectives of the webinar
c. Brief explanation about the importance of statistics and artificial intelligence in education

II. Fundamentals of Statistics
a. Definition and basic concepts of statistics
b. Importance of statistics in decision-making
c. Main statistical tools and methods

III. Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Teaching of Statistics
a. Definition and basic concepts of artificial intelligence
b. Advantages and benefits of artificial intelligence in education
c. Practical applications of artificial intelligence in the teaching of statistics

IV. Tools and Resources for Teaching Statistics with Artificial Intelligence
a. Platforms and software available for teaching statistics
b. Examples of activities and projects that use artificial intelligence
c. Recommendations and best practices for effective use of artificial intelligence in teaching statistics

V. Case Studies and Practical Examples
a. Presentation of real cases where artificial intelligence has been successfully applied to the teaching of statistics
b. Demonstration of practical examples of activities and projects using artificial intelligence



Jozef Olenski
Agustín Gómez

About the instructor

With over 19 years of experience in Information Management and Administration, complemented by a Master's in Information Systems, Agustín Gómez positions himself as an experienced professional in the field of Statistics. His expertise encompasses the consolidation of inter-institutional relationships and the ability to thrive in interdisciplinary collaborations. He actively participates in research projects related to sustainable development, open data, and open government, while also contributing as a researcher at the Development Observatory and the Micro and Small Business Observatory (Omipyme+) of the State University at a Distance. Currently, Agustín Gómez leads projects in various critical areas such as youth, HIV, public health, and the environment, all aligned with the 2030 Agenda. His unwavering commitment lies in crafting innovative and sustainable solutions to address present and future challenges. Agustín Gómez is convinced that his combined knowledge of Statistics and Information Systems has the potential to drive significant advancements in projects aimed at sustainable development and the common well-being.