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The ISI and its seven Associations publish several journals. Some are open access. For those requiring subscription, ISI and Association members are entitled to reduced subscription rates.

ISI’s flagship journal is the International Statistical Review (ISR) and it publishes papers of broad and general interest in statistics and probability. ISR also contains a Book Reviews section that provides a rapid book review service for academic statisticians and practitioners covering new books on statistics and related subjects.

ISI’s other important journal is Stat, a joint venture between the ISI and Wiley. Stat is an online only, rapid communication research journal, publishing articles in all facets of statistics and related interdisciplinary areas.


The Association journals, each focusing on a particular area of statistical interest, include


The open access journals include

Following a special agreement between the ISI, the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association, ISI members can subscribe to the magazine Significance at a reduced rate.

ISI’s World Statistics Congresses (WSC) are documented by the Proceedings which usually become available within one year after the WSC.

Our publications portfolio is completed by Open Access publications and the ISI multilingual Glossary of statistical terms.

Our Archive contains various materials including proceedings of former WSCs and ISI newsletters.

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