Special Interest Group on Sports Statistics

Objectives and Expected Products

The special interest group (SIG) wants to promote the understanding, development and good practice of sports statistics worldwide, with particular focus on methodological problems involved and the in-field application of methods and models, from three different perspectives:

  1. Scientific research
    1. Organising workshops.
    2. Specialised sessions at conferences and events.
    3. Promoting special issues in scientific journals.
    4. Disseminating internationally useful and comparable data on sports.
  2. Statistical capacity building
    1. To enable statistical practitioners in the sport sector to use state-of-the-art methods for data collection, analysis and interpretation.
  3. Education at different levels:
    1. schools,
    2. universities,
    3. sport societies,
    4. national and international federations.

The three channels do not develop independently, but the activities are integrated and put in synergy with each other.



  • Marica Manisera (Italy)

Deputy chair

  • Leonardo Egidi (Italy)


  • Paola Zuccolotto (Italy)
  • Christophe Ley (Belgium)
  • Andreas Groll (Germany)
  • Ioannis Ntzoufras (Greece)
  • Dimitris Karlis (Greece)
  • Luigi Salmaso (Italy)
  • Livio Corain (Italy)
  • Antonio Mussino (Italy)
  • James Cochran (USA)
  • Jim Albert (USA)
  • Tim Swartz (Canada)
  • Philip Maymin (USA)
  • Florian Berens (Germany)
  • Milica Maričić (Serbia)
  • Saeed Fayyaz (Iran)
  • Ramde Zakaya (Burkina Faso)
  • Augusta Obidinnu (Nigeria)
  • Adenomon Monday Osagie (Nigeria)
  • Elieza Paul (Tanzania)
  • Dániel Kehl (Hungary)
  • András Gyimesi (Hungary)
  • Francesco Addesa (UK)
  • Jakob Söhl (Netherlands)
  • Tianyu Guan (Canada)

Liaison with ISI PO

  • Olivia van Dijck-Timbol