02 June 2024

On location

2024 Sampling Program for Survey Statisticians (SPSS)

The Sampling Program for Survey Statisticians, founded by Leslie Kish, will be offered as part of the 2024 Summer Institute. The program combines university classes with practical application in research methods. It is especially useful for statisticians studying at other universities, which have few courses during the summer. The program is designed chiefly, but not exclusively, for statisticians from less developed countries who want to aim their careers at survey sampling in their own countries. The University of Michigan plans to offer the SPSS in person for 2024 from 3 June - 26 July 2024.

Please complete the 2024 SPSS application here.

Financing your education in the Sampling Program for Survey Statisticians is an investment in a better future. The Leslie Kish funds are limited and all Sampling Program for Survey Statistician applicants applying for funding should seek out additional sources other than the Kish Fellowship. Participant selection for funding will be made after review of all Sampling Program for Survey Statistician applications.

The Sampling Program application deadline is 15 November 2023.  
Please email [email protected] with any questions.