Elected Membership


Elected membership is open to individuals who are established in their careers and have made significant contributions to the statistical profession. As an ISI Elected member you will enjoy a range of benefits.

Elected Membership involves an election conducted by the ISI Elections Committee (MEC). Candidates for Elected Membership may be nominated, invited or propose themselves.


2024 dates and deadlines


 Application DeadlineAnnouncement of Results
1st round23 January18 March
2nd round15 April17 June
3rd round8 July26 August
4th round30 September18 November


Use the application form to send us the necessary documents for ISI Elected Membership candidates.


ISI Elected Membership Process



Application Process

All mentioned forms are available for download further down this page. Once filled out, all forms must be submitted to us in PDF format.

  • The Candidate form must be completed in as much details as possible.
  • The candidate must supply a CV / resume as well.
  • The candidate must fill in the Consent form for the processing of their personal data, and submit it together with the other documents.
  • As part of the application process, each application must obtain support from 3 current ISI Elected Members as sponsors. Each sponsor must use the Sponsors supporting comments form, one per sponsor.
  • If you do not have all 3 Sponsor supporting comments forms available when you submit your application, you can submit them at a later date.


All information provided to the ISI will be dealt with in accordance with the ISI Privacy Policy.

For further information on the process, please contact Mrs. Janelle Venter.

Available downloads

Applications can be submitted by the candidate or by a nominator. 
Candidates have access to several template documents:

  1. CV / resume: Candidates can create their own CV using their own template.
  2. Candidate form: A form specifically designed for candidates to provide their information.
  3. Consent Form: Candidates are required to fill out and submit this form.
  4. Sponsors' Supporting Comments: Candidates can provide this document, which includes supportive statements from their sponsors.

File type and naming conventions

PDF Conversion

You are responsible for converting your application documents from whichever format – such as .doc, .docx or .jpg – into PDF files.

File naming

In order to ensure quick and efficient processing of your application, you are required to name all documents according to these conventions:

  • lastname(s)_documenttype.pdf   (all lowercase)

Replace any spaces in the lastnames with dashes (-).


The candidate is named “John Smith” and one of the sponsors is named “James Hyde Jones”. So the files need to be named:

  • smith_candidateform.pdf
  • smith_cv.pdf
  • smith_consentform.pdf
  • smith_hyde-jones_supportingcomments.pdf