The ISI World Statistics Congresses are held biennially in different countries and regions, organized by the International Statistical Institute in collaboration with the host country's National Statistics Office and Society.

These scientific congresses serve as the flagship events of the ISI, distinguished by a  programme structure. This includes a Scientific Programme crafted by the scientific community that will attend, a Social and Cultural Programme, an Administrative Programme, Short Courses, Satellite Meetings, and an Awards Ceremony. The World Statistics Congress provide a platform for global statisticians.

Would you like to become a host country for the World Statistics Congress? Please contact us through the form to get in touch with the relevant team. We look forward to consider your country or region.

This biennial congress and its events take place for a week, during which all our Associations, Committees, and participants engaged in global statistics contribute in diverse WSC activities. Additionally, associated events unfold in the days preceding or following the congress. The World Statistics Congress thus serve as a focal point to start collaborations and engagement among ISI members worldwide.

Attendees can expect the World Statistics Congress to offer a platform where research is shared, new projects are presented, networking opportunities, and more.

The Hague 2025

The 65th World Statistics Congress will take place in The Hague, 5 - 9 October 2025.

ISI World Statistics Congress 2027: Busan

We are are delighted to annouce that our WSC 2027 is planned for 11-15 July 2027 in Busan, Republic of Korea. 

Past Congresses

Explore comprehensive overviews of past World Statistics Congresses, complete with detailed reports, proceedings, and videos. Immerse yourself in the success stories of our congresses held across the globe, showcasing groundbreaking research and innovation. Join us in shaping the future of science through these impactful and memorable events.

wsc Ottawa

Partners, Sponsors, and Exhibitors


Unlock global visibility and engagement opportunities by becoming a financial partner or exhibitor at the World Statistics Congress events. Your commitment not only makes the congress possible but also plays a pivotal role in shaping an optimal and affordable experience for the global statistical community.

By aligning your brand with the congress, you gain a unique platform to showcase your commitment to advancing statistical knowledge on a global scale. Your financial support contributes directly to the success of the event, enabling us to create a dynamic and inclusive environment for statisticians, researchers, and industry professionals.

Partnering with us means more than just sponsorship; it's a strategic investment in the future of statistical science. Join hands to serve the statistical community. Together, we can build a collaborative and impactful future through your support of our congress.

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Scientific Programme

The World Statistics Congresses are known for their comprehensive Scientific Programmes organized into two distinct session types:

  • Invited paper sessions (IPS)
  • Contributed and posters sessions (CPS)

Administrative Programme

A full Administrative Programme includes meetings of the various groups of the International Statistical Institute and its Associations:

  • Executive committees
  • Councils
  • General assemblies
  • Committees

This includes special interest meetings relevant to the particular World Statistics Congress.

Social Programme

The captivating Social Programme transforms the World Statistics Congress into an unforgettable and exciting experience, offering participants insight into the host country's culture. The curated Social Programme extends its allure with daytime activities tailored for accompanying persons, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching event for all.

Satellite Meetings

Satellite events, integral to the World Statistics Congress, occur in or near the host city both preceding and following the primary congress week. These supplementary gatherings synergize with the congress, contributing to the creation of a comprehensive and exceptional international statistics event that leaves a lasting impression in every aspect.

Short Course Programme

Short Courses are held two days before the World Statistics Congress. They are organized by the International Statistical Institute with the support of participating institutions.

During this programme our highly regarded instructors helps participants develop the analytical and critical thinking needed to be adaptive and responsive to the dynamics of a rapidly changing world.

Awards and Prizes Ceremony

During the Awards Ceremony at the World Statistics Congress, the International Statistical Institute and its affiliated Associations acknowledge, celebrate, and honor individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the fields of Statistics and Data Science. This ceremony serves as a platform to recognize and commend noteworthy achievements within these disciplines.