Director's Column

ISI New Year's Message 2024

28 December 2023

The new year 2024 is just around the corner. Some of my friends are ready to witness a solar eclipse in 2024, and many more are praying for peace and prosperity for everyone on earth. I seize this moment to extend my warmest wishes to everyone in the ISI family: Happy New Year!

At the heart of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), the past year has been a whirlwind of activity. Our first in-person World Statistics Congress since the pandemic commenced gathered participants from over 120 countries/regions. The ISI Academy, an audacious proposal from our Capacity Building Committee, continues to evolve. Restructuring within the ISI Permanent Office aims for improved communication and steadfast support to members and ISI Associations. 

The ISI Executive Committee has been steadfastly dedicated to fostering a more connected and inclusive organization. Efforts are underway to fortify regional outreach and network capacities, particularly focusing on developing countries. The joint 3rd ISI Regional Conference and 17th IAOS Conference held in Zambia last April showcased our commitment to this vision. Looking forward, plans are in motion to launch a global forum on data science, acknowledging the pivotal role of data science and artificial intelligence in our increasingly digital world. Our esteemed ISI journals, the International Statistical Review (ISR) and Stat, continue to gain prominence in the statistical community. Notably, Holger Dette commenced his tenure as Editor-in-Chief for Stat at the start of 2023. Marianthi Markatou stepped into the role of Co-Editor-in-Chief for ISR and will soon be joined by Efsatathia Bura in 2024. Additionally, under the stewardship of Walter Radermacher, the ISI Advisory Board on Ethics updated our Declaration on Professional Ethics, now available in multiple languages here, solidifying our unwavering commitment to ethical standards. These accomplishments merely scratch the surface of the myriad initiatives driven by ISI members worldwide. The collective efforts, both individual and collaborative, fill me with profound pride.

Looking ahead to 2024, the ISI Executive Committee is poised to actively engage with our members. We invite you to connect with any of us on the Executive Committee to share your ideas and successes. Together, let's continue our statistical endeavors for a better world!

Xuming He




Dear Statistical community and cherished members of the ISI,

Reflecting on the past year, I find immense pride in the collective achievements of our members, executive committee, council, 7 associations, and 21 committees. Your dedication has been the heartbeat of our success. As we stand on the brink of a new year, the International Statistical Institute remains unwavering in our commitment to the four strategic priorities that shape our mission.

We will start the year with the same mindset, the ISI is not just an organization; it's a community of individuals and institutions bound by a shared passion for statistics and data science. Encouraging communication and networking is not only a goal—it is a vital project about creating spaces for you to connect, fostering relationships within diverse statistical communities, and ensuring that the ISI is an available resource for statisticians worldwide. This effort is pivotal in leading and supporting the global statistical community, especially in developing countries. It's also about nurturing the next generation of statisticians and ensuring our dedicated members continue to be an integral part of our journey.

I would also like to remind our community that our mission goes beyond numbers; we aim to amplify the influence of statistics in public discussions. As a global organization encompassing academia, government, research, and business, the ISI is ready to champion the importance of statistics on crucial issues. Through our advocacy efforts, we aim to increase awareness about the significance of statistics across various sectors, contributing to informed decision-making.

Simultaneously, we're dedicated to equipping statisticians with the skills needed to navigate global challenges through our Capacity Development initiatives. Our goal is to create an ISI Academy to map skills and expertise available among the ISI Network regionally and internationally according to known capacity building priorities, including where expertise is needed to be shared across sectors; provide channels for communication about supply and demand issues across the Network; and provide a conduit for members and statistical stakeholders to articulate and coordinate on capacity development needs and solutions across sectors.

For 2024 we will take proactive steps to grow our membership to ensure the sustained impact of the ISI. Your ongoing support is not just appreciated; it's fundamental to our shared success.

Together, let's embrace the new year with optimism, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to advancing the ISI's impact for the years ahead.

Conchita Kleijweg

Xuming He
ISI President
Conchita Kleijweg
ISI Director