National and Regional Statistical Societies


Statistical Societies are active in many countries and regions around the world.


Statistical societies aim at bringing together statisticians working in all statistical disciplines: academics, official statistics, statistics education or industry.


The kinds of activities undertaken by Statistical Societies are numerous and vary to a wide extent. Smaller Societies usually issue newsletters and might organise some kinds of conferences. The bigger Societies offer a wide variety of services to their members, varying from publications to training, accreditation of statisticians, large (international) conferences and more.


The ISI aims to be an umbrella organisation for all Statistical Societies in as many countries and on as many continents as possible.

This ‘Statistical Society’ page on the ISI website will provide the following facilities:


The ISI would like to make an appeal on all Statistical Societies to share with us and other Societies useful background information and relevant information about their activities, especially from an international perspective.


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Nationals and Regional Statistics Societies are invited to join the initiative for the World of Statistics, IYStat

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