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  • 2020


  • August

    • 25 August

      IASS Webinar 2: “Sample Surveys on COVID-19 Pandemia Around the World”

      The International Association for Survey Statisticians (IASS) invites all interested to join the webinar at 11am CET on 3 September 2020.

    • 18 August

      ISI World Statistics Congress 2023: Ottawa is chosen!

      The ISI is pleased to announce that the World Statistics Congress 2023 will be held in Ottawa, Canada. The Congress will be held from 15 to 20 July, in the Shaw Centre, in the heart of the city.

    • 17 August

      ISI Officers’ Elections: Get to know the nominees

      The election of ISI officers for the period 2021-2023/2025 will be held from 8 September through 20 October 2020.

    • 14 August


      A podcast about the statistics behind the stories and the stories behind the statistics: listen to the latest episodes.

    • 14 August

      New! Significance Magazine Volume 17, Issue 4 – August 2020

      The latest issue of Significance, including free access to articles on Covid-19, is now available to read online.

    • 14 August

      News from the IFC on Enhancing Fintech Statistics

      On 24 July 2020 the Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics (IFC) published the IFC Report Towards monitoring financial innovation in central bank statistics. The report was prepared by the IFC Working Group on Fintech Data Issues with the purpose to enhance the understanding and statistical measurement of fintech.

    • 14 August

      News from ISLP – August 2020

      The ISLP Poster Competition 2020-2021 and the Best Cooperative Award have begun. There is still time to sign your country or team up to the competitions. We are also gathering materials for the next ISLP Newsletter on the theme “How can statistics help in a crisis situation?“. Please submit articles by the end of August.

    • 14 August

      News from Esri – August 2020

      View the latest news from Esri covering Esri President’s address at the UN High Level Political Forum, Esri’s support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by providing help to Member States and national statistical agencies in the form of software, training, and solutions, and more.

    • 14 August

      Call for Papers: SERJ Special Issue "Research on Data Science Education"

      The Statistics Education Research Journal (SERJ) invites submissions for its special issue dedicated to research on data science education to appear in June 2022.

    • 14 August

      Daniela Witten receives the ASA Leo Breiman Junior Award

      ISI Elected member Daniela Witten, University of Washington, has received the American Statistical Association’s 2021 Leo Breiman Junior Award. The Breiman Award recognizes Witten’s outstanding contributions to statistical learning, computational statistics, and their practical applications.

    • 14 August

      COVID-19 Resource Page

      The ISI Committee on the Public Voice of Statistics maintains the COVID-19 resource page which so far has had about 10,000 unique views. The page is not intended as a repository of COVID-19 research, but more a place for statisticians to start looking for resources if they are interested in the area.

    • 14 August

      News from The International Environmetrics Society

      Read about the TIES’s recent activities and note that the TIES Annual General Meeting 2020 will take place virtually on 21 August 2020 at 1pm (BST). All TIES members are invited to attend this meeting.

    • 14 August

      IASS News August 2020

      The latest IASS news update covers items related to the upcoming IASS Annual General Meeting, the next IASS webinar, a need to revise the Cochran-Hansen Prize and other conference-related news.

    • 14 August

      News from the Statistical Capacity Building Committee

      The ISI Statistical Capacity Building Committee, in cooperation with the LISA 2020 network, has supported the Online Workshop “Tidyverse for Data Science” for women in statistics in Lahore, Pakistan. The workshop turned to be a great success.

    • 13 August

      Bernoulli Society News August 2020

      Read about the upcoming activities of the Bernoulli Society including the Bernoulli-IMS One World Symposium 2020, the One World Extremes Seminar and the 2021 edition of the Ethel Newbold Prize.

    • 13 August

      Ethel Newbold Prize 2021: Call for nominations

      The Bernoulli Society’s Newbold Prize Committee invites nominations for the fourth Ethel Newbold Prize. The prize for excellence in statistics is awarded every two years, next time in spring 2021.

    • 13 August

      IAOS News August 2020

      This issue includes information on the latest and upcoming editions of the SJIAOS, the Young Statisticians Prize 2021, a Memorial Conference and Special Issue of the Royal Statistical Society Series A in memory of Fred Smith and Chris Skinner, and more.

    • 13 August

      IASC News August 2020

      The August issue of IASC news includes updates on the ISI WSC’s 2021 and 2023, news from the IASC Executive Committee, a report on the virtual DSSV conference in July and more.