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The International Environmetrics Society (TIES) is looking for volunteers who wish to be involved in various data science activities under the auspices of the ISI Working Group on Data Science.

‘Statistics for a Better World’ is the current catchphrase of the ISI. In addition, data science has emerged as a more visible and publicly recognized label for problem solving. While difficult to precisely define, we know that data science involves the intersection of statistics, computer science, engineering, mathematics and individual domain expertise.

ISI President John Bailer assigned a Working Group (WG) in the fall of 2019 to develop recommendations for connecting and highlighting data science in the ISI. The WG started its discussions in November 2020 with Daniel Jeske (University of California, Riverside, ISBIS President-Elect) and Juergen Symanzik (Utah State University, IASC President) as co-chairs. The WG has representatives from each of the seven ISI Associations and most of the SIGs. In addition, the WG has members from the ISI Council and a selection of regional ISI members. Nathaniel Newlands (Canada) is the TIES representative on this WG.

TIES is helping to implement initial steps and aiming to propose a roadmap to promote data science. It also aims to promote a broader TIES participation including volunteers to be involved in particular activities.

TIES is looking for broader participation and interested volunteers to be involved in various data science activities! If you are interested to get involved– please contact Lelys Bravo / Claire Miller.