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ISI is exploring the possibility of launching an easy-to-read but smart and entertaining ISI magazine. We invite interested ISI members to submit proposals for the layout of the magazine.

ISI is exploring the possibility of launching an ISI magazine (name still to be decided) that will address current fields of statistics, and present interviews with statisticians and data scientists from all over the world, regional statistical activities, history of statistics and statisticians, and a lot of other material. The content will not be specialized like in a journal, making it accessible to all ISI family members, regardless of their fields of interest. It should be an easy but smart and entertaining reading. We expect a lot of pictures, graphs and other illustrations. It is not meant to be a text-heavy product. We are working on possible layout and sections of the magazine, which will be available only online (probably as a pdf file).

We are now inviting interested ISI members to submit proposals for the layout of the magazine. We would like to receive a 4 pages sample prepared with an open source layout program and text written using Word. The template should allow for an easy editing by contributors to the magazine. The layout should be studied to favor an enjoyable reading as well. The sample should be prepared in the A4 format and the four pages should be structured in this way:

  • Page 1: Title, Editorial Board (say 1 or 2 Editors and 6 Associate Editors), list of issue content and column by the Editor. Feel free to think creatively about illustrations on this cover page
  • Page 2: Interview with a statistician (i.e. a sequence of questions and answers, some photos and some background text)
  • Page 3: Illustration of a hot topic in a field presented to people in other ones (i.e. a text with some graphs and photos)
  • Page 4: Curiosity about the world (a sequence of many short news items from different parts of the world)

Of course we do not expect interviews with real persons, etc.! Feel free to use any text and images as placeholders. We are interested in the look and feel of the pages.

Samples should be sent to the ISI Vice Presidents in charge of the project, Peter Guttorp (peterg@nr.no) and Fabrizio Ruggeri (fabrizio@mi.imati.cnr.it) by 15 May 2021.