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The March 2021 issue of the SJIAOS covers the themes of ‘The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic’ and ‘Misuse of statistics: Time to speak out’.

The articles on the pandemic focus on the epidemiological and social economic impacts for specific population groups (indigenous people in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and regions (Kolkata and suburbs in India). The contributions on the ‘Misuse of statistics’ set the scene for the latest discussion at the SJIAOS discussion platform (officialstatistics.com). The background for the four statements for this discussion can be found in the five contributions in this issue, and the discussions at the recent IAOS webinars. The March issue can be viewed here .

A reminder that the SJIAOS can be read via the printed version and online via the official statistics website: officialstatistics.com. Beyond the on-line versions, the website offers a discussion platform, news and interviews.