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The IASC Executive Committee would like to thank its sponsors and donorsĀ for generously offering support to IASC in 2020.

The entire IASC Executive Committee (EC) would like to thank the first sponsor of the Journal of Statistics, Data Science, and Visualisation (JDSSV) who generously offered to cover the running expensed for JDSSV for the next few years. At this time, the sponsor prefers to remain anonymous.

IASC also received donations in the amount of 295 Euro for its IASC Young Researcher Fund and 25 Euro for its IASC Support Fund from a total of six different donors in 2020.The IASC EC will discuss in early 2021 how to use these donations for deserving candidates in 2021. We would like to thank these six donors as well.

Both options for donations will also be available again in 2021. If your own financial situation allows you to make some additional donations to these two IASC funds when you renew your IASC membership for 2021, we would really appreciate it.