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Read the latest news on the journal Stat, including updates on special issues and the new free format for submissions.

Free format submission

We are excited to announce that Stat will launch ‘free format submission’, allowing the authors to submit a manuscript in their preferred formatting style. This streamlined process will minimize the formatting requirements for original submission and reduce the authors’ time of formatting manuscripts. Find more information here.

STAT Special Issue: Deep Learning from Statistical Perspectives

Deep learning has gained high popularity due to its huge successes in various applications such as computer vision, imaging analysis, natural language processing, bioinformatics, and board games. Despite its state-of-the-art performance, there is limited understanding and theoretical justifications of deep learning, which pose new challenges and opportunities for statisticians. We are happy to present this special issue of Stat which aims at gathering literature review, recent advances, and novel contributions in deep learning, from various statistical perspectives, to inspire new ideas and promote state-of-the-art research. The eleven articles cover a broad range of topics on theory, computation, implementation, and applications of deep learning, which are edited as an overview and three sections. Co-editors: Helen Zhang & Yufeng Liu (guest editor).

Overview: Deep Learning from a Statistical Perspective by Yuan, Deng, Zhang, and Qu

Section 1: Theory of deep learning

Section 2: Improvements of deep learning on computation and implementation: training, tuning, and interpretation

Section 3: Connections between deep learning and classical statistical models

Call for papers on special issue Statistical Network Analysis

We are calling for papers on a special issue Statistical Network Analysis. The guest co-editor is Ji Zhu. See more information.