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Bernoulli Society awards Doeblin Prize to
Grégory Miermont


Bernoulli Society and its Committee for Conferences on Stochastic Processes is pleased to announce the award of the Doeblin Prize to Grégory Miermont.


The Doeblin Prize is generously sponsored by Springer and is awarded to a single individual who is at the beginning of his or her mathematical career, for work in the field of Probability. The awardee of the Prize is invited to submit to Probability Theory and Related Fields a paper which, if accepted, is published as the Wolfgang Doeblin Prize Article, and will present a  Doeblin Prize Lecture in the next World Congress of the Bernoulli Society or the next Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications (SPA) in an even-numbered year (in this case, the Oxford SPA, 13-17 July 2015).

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