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ISLP is happy to announce the 2021 winners of the Poster Competition Awards for lower secondary school, upper secondary school and undergraduate students.

ISLP - poster competition

The Statistical Poster Competition is an international competition for youth. It is organised by the International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP), which promotes statistical literacy around the world. The categories are lower secondary school, upper secondary school and undergraduate students. The competition invites students to design a statistical poster on the topic of their choice. The posters should reflect or illustrate usage analysis, interpretation and communication of statistics or statistical information. The competition offers a fun and interesting way for students to learn about statistics and provides a teaching tool for teachers.

The competition takes place in two-year cycles. The current competition started in 2020 with national competitions organised by the ISLP country coordinators. The international final took place in the spring 2021. An international jury consisting of statistics experts evaluated the winning posters from each country. The winners are announced at the Virtual ISI World Statistics Congress.

Lower Secondary (Junior) Division

Yamamoto Nozomi, Ogawa Chiharu and Wakisaka Kie

First Prize Winners: Japan
Yamamoto Nozomi, Ogawa Chiharu and Wakisaka Kie
School: Kobe University Secondary School

Second Prize Winners: South Korea
Seobin Han and Seoyeon Sa
School: Cheonan Yonggok Middle School

Third Prize Winners: Bulgaria
Aleksandrina Dimitrova, Gabriela Krumova, Eva Yordanova, Yoana Shomakliyska and Militsa Shomakliyska
School: “Kozma Trichkov” Secondary School, Vratsa

Honorable Mention
Finland: John Blomqvist and Aaro Hautala; School: Paraistenseudun Koulu
Spain: Teacher: Concepción Sieiro Verdura; Students: Aldán Mosquera Trilla, Daniel Iglesias Lópes, Valentín Giovani Ferotti and Xián Paredes Diégues; School: IES Pontepedriña (Santiago de Compostela)

Upper Secondary (Senior) Division

Alexander Ganchev, Dima Angelova and Konstantin Dobrev

First Prize Winners: Bulgaria
Alexander Ganchev, Dima Angelova and Konstantin Dobrev
School: High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Blagoevgrad

Second Equal Prize: Singapore
Wang Zixun, Wu Zhenshuo, Gu Yingqi, Teng Yee Shin and Damon Ong Wen Zheng
School: River Valley High School

Second Equal Prize: South Korea
Seonghyun Yoon, Seo Yoon Park and Daewoong Kang
School: NLCS in Jeju

Honorable Mention
Ireland: Mizna Shahid and Zainib Shahid; School: Loreto Balbriggan

Undergraduate Division

First Prize Winners: Pakistan

First Prize Winners: Pakistan
Mr. Ali Hassan, Ms. Fatima Aslam
School: University of Gujrat, Gujrat, Pakistan

Second Prize Winners: Argentina
Walter Gastón Cucit and Mélani Cúnico
Professor: Fernando Muñoz
Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias. Universidad Nacional del Litoral,
Santa Fe

Third Prize Winners: Iran
Neda Hatamian, Fatemeh Yazdani, Zahra Malekzadeh, Maryam Ghiabi, Zahra Foroughi
School: University of Isfahan