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The 2021 International Prize in Statistics has been awarded to US biostatistician Nan Laird in recognition of her work on powerful methods that have made possible the analysis of complex longitudinal studies.

International Prize in Statistics    ISI

Studying the impact of air pollution on human health required the collection of data on people over time. Existing analysis methods in the late 1970s/early 1980s for such data required many assumptions that often were not true for longitudinal data. Nan Laird proposed a framework and implementation to loosen these analytical constraints and revolutionized the analysis of data collected over time on individuals. The awarding of the International Prize in Statistics to Nan Laird recognizes a statistician who contributed methods that reflect a fundamental shift in statistical practice and has enriched the analysis of data collected over time in a host of scientific disciplines.

ISI is proud to be in partnership with ASA, IBS, IMS and RSS in the International Prize in Statistics Foundation. The International Prize in Statistics recognizes a major achievement of an individual or team in the field of statistics and promotes understanding of the growing importance and diverse ways statistics, data analysis, probability and the understanding of uncertainty advance society, science, technology and human welfare.

ISI calls on all disciplines, business, industry, government and society, to acclaim the statistical achievements that advance the world in understanding, analyzing and quantifying data, variation and uncertainty, and join in congratulating Professor Nan Laird as the third winner of the equivalent of the “Nobel Prize” in Statistics.

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