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The SCB Committee has been very active in organizing and promoting various events as part of celebrations of the International Year of Women in Statistics and Data Science.

Most events are strongly related to the International Year of Women in Statistics and Data Science (IYWSDS) and are organized for members in developing countries using the World Bank Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building (WBTFSCB). Many activities have been planned in cooperation with the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA), directed by Eric Vance, an ISI SCB Committee member. Some will be held shortly whereas the following one has been organized recently.

Series of events at the Lahore College for Women University (Pakistan)

A series of events, spread over four days, were organized at the Lahore College for Women University (Pakistan). The focus of these events was on building capacity to transform evidence into action and celebrate the IYWSDS. Here’s an account of the programme in detail:

  • A one day workshop, with 31 participants, focused on visualization of data using PRISM.

  • A one-day international webinar, with four talks, was organized under the title: “Statistics: Solution to Interdisciplinary Research Problems”. Watch the he recording.
  • A two days’ workshop was finally held under the title “Structural Equation Modeling, Mediation and Moderation Analysis using AMOS and the PROCESS macro for SPSS”.

Activities organized at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa

ISI SCB Committee is also sponsoring activities organized at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa by another of its members, Delia North. Here’s a number of forthcoming virtual events:

  • Women in Analytics (27 November 2020): keynote speakers are Jennifer Priestley, Delia North, Julia Keddie and Samantha Reade.
  • Dudes in Data (4 December 2020): keynote speakers are John Bailer, Temesgen Zewotir, Dane Bax and Morries Chauke.

ISI & Associations Webinar Programme

Have a look at the ISI website for information on a series of webinars that that have been recently organized by ISI and its Associations. More webinars are being planned for the near future. The webinars are especially targeted at developing countries and are supported by the WBTFSCB. The webinar programme is coordinated by the ISI SCB Committee.

Forthcoming Course on Data Science

Ann Maharaj (Australia), Delia North (South Africa) and Ed Boone (USA) are preparing a series of videos for a course on Data Science. The most recent videos have been prepared by a team of young researchers (Nombuso Zondo, Arusha Desai and Danielle Roberts ) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.

Most of the ISI SCB activities are made possible due to the World Bank funds. Starting January 2021 the funds will no longer be available. We therefore request ISI members contribute to the ISI capacity building by making a donation. Thanks to your donations we can keep ISI capacity building activities going!