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Recently held ISBIS webinars are now available to watch through the ISBIS webinars library.

As a sponsoring society and a participant of the International Conference on Data Analytics for Business and Industry held on 26-27 October 2020, Kingdom of Bahrain, ISBIS presented the following four keynote talks:

  • Keynote Speaker 1: Prof. Fabrizio Ruggeri (CNR IMATI - Italy), “Likelihood-Free Parameter Estimation for Dynamic Queuing Networks: The Case of the Immigration Queue at an International Airport”
  • Keynote Speaker 2: Prof. Nalini Ravishanker (University of Connecticut, USA), “Biculstering Approaches for High-Frequency Financial Time Series”
  • Keynote Speaker 3: Prof. David Banks (Duke University, USA), “Adversarial Risk Analysis: Auctions and Others”
  • Keynote Speaker 4: Prof. Daniel Jeske (University of California – Riverside, USA), “Construction, Visualization and Application of Neutral Zone Classifiers”

The recordings of these talks can be watched in the webinars library at the ISBIS website.