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Read about the webinars, courses and other events organized by the Statistical Capacity Building committee for residents of developing countries with the support of the World Bank Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building.

The ISI Statistical Capacity Building (SCB) Committee has been very active in the recent months with the following initiatives::


Thanks to the support of the World Bank Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building (TFSCB), ISI and its Associations have started a series of webinars using the GoToMeeting platform. ISI SCB is coordinating this activity through its co-chair Irena Krizman, in cooperation with the ISI Permanent Office (PO). The webinars are open to everyone, especially for residents of developing countries.

Events supported by TFSCB

ISI SCB, through its co-chair Fabrizio Ruggeri, in cooperation with ISI PO, has coordinated the allocation of the remaining TFSCB funds to be used by ISI SCB and ISI Associations. The cooperation with the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA) has been very important in this respect. We thank Eric Vance, Director of LISA 2020 team for the cooperation. Events are planned in many countries including Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Pakistan, Iran, India, Colombia.

A course on R in official statistics in Colombia

ISI SCB has promoted a course on R in official statistics in Colombia. It will be delivered by Pedro Silva and Guilherme Anthony Pinheiro Jacob. The course will be supported by ISI, National University of Colombia and the Colombian Statistical Society.

Training workshop on Data Visualisation

A training workshop on Data Visualisation (DV), supported by ISI SCB and LISA, is currently going on at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. The first module of the workshop began as in-person mode for two hours every week from 3 March – 26 May 2020. 98 participants registered for the course. The university had to close due to COVID-19 and a virtual platform was created using the Google Classroom. The virtual sessions have been held once a week for two hours from August to October.