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Read about the upcoming virtual conference of TIES entitled “Frontiers in Statistics, Epidemiology and the Environment” and three new committees which started their work on 1 September 2020.

TIES 2020 Virtual Conference

Planning is under way for the TIES 2020 virtual conference entitled “Frontiers in Statistics, Epidemiology and the Environment.” The conference will be held on 2-4 December 2020, using the GoToWebinar facility. All details about the event can be found on the TIES website and will be updated once new information becomes available. We hope to meet you at the conference!

Three new TIES Committees

TIES has appointed three new committees for the coming two years which have started their work on 1 September 2020. The TIES President Lelys Bravo welcomes and thanks the members of the committees for their support.

The Committees and their members are as follows.

Awards Committee

Edward Boone (Chair, USA)
Joanna Flemming (Canada)
Gabriel Huerta (USA)
Wendy Meiring (USA)
Nathaniel Newlands (Canada)
Andrew Zammit-Mangion (Australia)

Membership Committee

Stefano Castruccio (USA)
Carolina Euan (Saudi Arabia)
Melanie Meis (Argentina)
Monica Pirani (Chair, UK)
Susan Simmons (USA)
Jonathan Stroud (USA)

Outreach and Liaison Committee

Robert Erhardt (Chair, USA)
John Boland (Australia)
Alexander Brenning (Germany)
Wesley Burr (Canada)
Huikyo Lee (USA)
Jessica Matthews(USA).