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The University of Tampere (Tampere, Finland) hosted two conferences in Statistics (and related matrix theory) in 1987 and 1990. The videos of these conferences have now been published on the University's YouTube channel.

These videos were originally recorded on VHS tapes which were "found" two years ago during a move. After that a decision was made to digitize, edit (by Jarmo Niemelä and Reijo Sund) and publish them. The programs of the conferences are available:

This was the time before high-tech tools and it is interesting to see how well many people (George Box in particular with his magic transparencies) managed without pdf. The performers in the videos are the following:
T.W. Anderson, Elja Arjas, Anthony C. Atkinson, Jerzy K. Baksalary, George E.P. Box, Tadeusz Calinski, R. Dennis Cook, Knut Conradsen, Yadolah Dodge, Norman R. Draper, Johan Fellman, Stanislaw Gnot, Shanti S. Gupta, E.J. Hannan, J.A. John, Takeaki Kariya, C.G. Khatri, Stratis Kounias, Erkki Liski, Sujit Kumar Mitra, Seppo Mustonen, Heinz Neudecker, Hannu Niemi, Leif Nordberg, Ingram Olkin, Michael Perlman, John W. Pratt, Daryl Pregibon, Friedrich Pukelsheim, Tarmo Pukkila, Simo Puntanen, C.R. Rao, Jorma Rissanen, Alastair J. Scott, Kirti R. Shah, Bimal K. Sinha, Terry Speed, J.N. Srivastava, George P.H. Styan, Timo Teräsvirta, Tue Tjur, Jarmo Visakorpi, Mati Wax.