What our members say

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ISI creates conducive environment for the statistical family to always meet, interact and improve in the knowledge of statistics and related disciplines.

Olawale Akanbi


University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Joining the ISI has enriched my professional life and offered a platform to expand my network of research collaborations.

Kazeem Osuolale


University of Ibadan, Nigeria

The ISI is the one and only outstanding international statistical body, serving, connecting, building, impacting and reshaping our globe for a better world. The ISI World Statistics Congress is just one of a kind I always look forward to. It is a pleasure to connect with statisticians from around the world.

Oyebimpe Adeniji


West African Young Statisticians Association / INEC Nigeria

ISI meetings are the only place for panels with contributors from vastly different areas of statistics, each drawing their own audience who would not otherwise participate in a discussion together.

Peter Guttorp

Vice-President (2019-2021)


Joining the ISI was a life changing experience. I developed connections which have enabled me to advance my education and career, as well as to bring home the benefits of belonging to such a vibrant and generous community.

Pedro Silva

President (2015-2017)


My perspective as a statistician has been enriched by my interactions with international colleagues since joining ISI. It is a pleasure to connect and collaborate with statisticians from around the world.

John Bailer

President (2019-2021)


The ISI is an international statistical society which provides the community with a place to connect and meet with other statisticians worldwide. More importantly, joining the ISI has enhanced and widened my ability and knowledge in the area that I am passionate about.

Yuanyuan Zhang

Post-Doctoral Researcher

University of Manchester

The international statistical community has provided me with robust challenge and support throughout my career. That's what colleagues do! And that's what you will find at the ISI.

Stephen Penneck

President (2021-2023)


Being a member of ISI and its ISBIS association since 2014 has allowed me to strengthen my skills in agricultural statistics and develop a dynamic professional network.

Lao Kenao

Coordinator of SAKSS

Ministry of Agriculture of Togo

Joining the ISI has not only widened my statistical scope but has also lead to lots of statistical friendships all over the world. Do not hesitate and join the ISI and the WSC2021!

Eric Schulte Nordholt

NOC Chair of the WSC 2021

Statistics Netherlands

Being a member of ISI is a gateway to the international statistical community in all disciplines, providing unlimited networking and communications to face future challenges in statistics and data science.

Natalie Shlomo

Council Member (2017-2021)


ISI membership helps me stay connected with peers, and be informed of the latest research.

Andreea Luisa Erciulescu

Senior Statistican


Joining the ISI has cultivated me like a seedling. I’ve met experienced people, expanded my network, and thus realized my dream. Serving the ISI community brings me satisfaction and makes me a better person.

Haimanot Atinkut Bazezew

PhD Student

Huazhong Agricultural University

The study and advancement of statistics naturally occurs on an international scale!

What better way to contribute to our discipline than by networking and collaborating with others from around the world. This can be concisely achieved by joining the ISI.

Kimberly F. Sellers

Associate Professor of Statistics

Georgetown University

The ISI provides an important forum, bringing together statisticians from around the world, from academia, government and the private sector, to further our profession. I am honored to be an elected member.

Steve MacFeely

Head of Statistics and Information

United Nations

ISI was my gateway to the international statistics community. I met many wonderful people and made lifelong friendships at the World Statistics Congresses.

Vijay Nair

Head, Statistical Learning and Advanced Computing

Wells Fargo

I am an Elected ISI Member, which is a great honour. It motivates me even more to continue my professional activities on a daily basis.

Michal Ordak

Assistant Professor

Medical University of Warsaw

Joining the ISI has broadened my horizon. I have met many inspiring people and visited amazing places. Serving the ISI community has enriched my professional life.

Ada van Krimpen

Former ISI Director


Collegiality and communication of statistics have been at the heart of all my work. To me, the ISI family are the pinnacle of these – across its inspirational people and the world, across statistics and across the years

Helen MacGillivray

President (2017-2019)


I have experienced my self to be professionally capable of handling problems with the shared experience of statistics professionals from around the world.

Dereje Danbe Debeko

Assistant Professor

Hawassa University

Statistics makes life better.

Ning Yang

Assistant Professor

Cornell University

I thought I knew a lot about statistics and statisticians but joining ISI provided me with the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and get acquainted with fields of statistics I knew almost nothing about (like official statistics).

Fabrizio Ruggeri

Vice-President (2019-2021)


Joining the ISI has enriched my professional life and offered a platform to expand my network of research collaborations.

Ksenija Dumicic

Leader of Postgraduate Study in Statistics

University of Zagreb Faculty of Economic and Business

Being a member of the ISI helps me to interact with statistical community all over the world and to improve statistical literacy in my country Ethiopia.

Demisew Gebru Degefu


Hawassa University

I'm an ISI member to demonstrate my support for the statistics community; to stay connected to the last advances in statistical techniques and practices; and to play my part to promote the importance of high quality statistics worldwide.

Marcel van Kints

General Manager

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Joining the ISI has broadened my outlook, advanced my knowledge and expanded my professional connections. I am truly proud to be a part of the ISI family!

Tamanna Howlader


University of Dhaka