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ISI Elected membership is open to individuals who are established in their careers and have made significant contributions to the statistical profession. As an ISI Elected member you will enjoy a range of benefits. Elected Membership involves an election conducted by the ISI Elections Committee. Candidates for Elected Membership may be nominated, invited or propose themselves. All three approaches require the support of three current ISI Elected Members.

Dates and deadlines for 2021

The following are dates and deadlines relevant to the 2021 ISI Elected Membership election rounds.

Election Round First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
Application Deadline 22 January 9 April 9 July 4 October
Announcement of Results 15 March 4 June 30 August 29 November


Application process

  • The Candidate form can be downloaded from this page, must be completed in as much details as possible and once filled out, must be submitted in PDF format via the Online Candidate Form.
  • As part of the application process, each application must obtain support from three current ISI Elected Members. The sponsor must use the Sponsors supporting Comments Form. This can be downloaded from this page. Each supporting comments form is meant for one sponsor only. Separate form has to be filled in for each sponsor and must be submitted online
  • Candidate must fill in the Consent form for the processing of the personal data and submit it together with the candidate form. The Consent Form can be downloaded from this page.
  • The candidate form together with the CV, Sponsor’s Supporting Comments and Consent Form must be submitted online.
  • If you are unable to upload all the relevant documents including Supporting Comments from sponsors before you submit your application, you can submit the documents at a later date and add them.

PDF conversion and file naming instructions

PDF Converting Instruction

You are responsible for converting your application documents from whichever format (ie. DOC or DOCX, JPEG) into a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

File Naming Instruction

In order to ensure quick and efficient processing of your application, you are required to name all documents uploaded to the to the Elected Membership Online Application system. Please apply the following file naming conventions:

General example: lastname_documenttype.pdf.

Please use underscores (_) to separate the various terms included in your file name. All file names should end with ".pdf".

Specific Examples:

  • lastname_candidateform.pdf
  • lastname_cv.pdf
  • lastname_johnbailer_supportingcomments.pdf

Download the documents

Fill in these documents, follow the instructions and:

Fill in the online candidate form

Applications can be submitted by the candidate or by nominators. All documents mentioned above are mandatory.

All information provided to the ISI will be dealt with in accordance with the ISI privacy policy. Please see the ISI Privacy Policy for more information.

For further information on the process, please contact Mrs. Olivia van Dijck-Timbol.