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The ISI is an international statistical society which provides the community with a place to connect and meet with other statisticians worldwide. More importantly, joining the ISI has enhanced and widened my ability and knowledge in the area that I am passionate about.

Yuanyuan Zhang

Post-Doctoral Researcher

University of Manchester

The importance of statistics across disciplines and all of society is reflected in the ISI’s unique structure which caters for everyone whose work or interests involve statistics, no matter to what extent or in what capacity. The ISI acknowledges the diversity of ISI members by offering different types of membership.

Individual membership

Individual membership options are ISI Elected and ISI Regular.

Elected Membership is meant for individuals who are established in their (statistical) careers. Read all about the application process.

Regular Membership is for anyone who shares the values and objectives of the ISI.

ISI Associations

ISI Associations listed below can be joined independently or combined with either ISI Elected or ISI Regular. Elected members can join an Association as part of their Elected Membership for free or at a reduced rate.

Organizational Membership

Institutional membership

Institutional membership is open for national, regional, and international statistical institutes and agencies to assist in furthering the cause of statistics internationally and nationally. Many national statistical offices are ISI Institutional members. National statistical offices may be both Institutional and Corporate members.


Corporate membership

Corporate membership is available to all institutions and enterprises that share or support the aims of the ISI. Many Central Banks are ISI Corporate members. Corporate members can also be commercial organizations, universities, research institutions and central statistical agencies and offices.


Affiliated membership

Affiliated membership is for national and regional statistical societies and associations.


More information

  • Organizational members can designate two representatives to attend ISI World Statistics Congresses at reduced fee.
  • Each Institutional and Corporate member is entitled to designate one person as an ex officio member, who will have all the rights of individual membership.
  • The fees for organizational memberships are determined by the ISI Executive Committee.
  • Methods of Payment
  • ISI Data protection policy for ISI and Associations members

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