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Why did they join ISI?

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My perspective as a statistician has been enriched by my interactions with international colleagues since joining ISI. It is a pleasure to connect and collaborate with statisticians from around the world.

John Bailer

President (2019-2021)

International Statistical Institute

The ISI is the worldwide professional body that covers all topics of statistics and all sectors where statisticians work. This includes academia, government and industry.

Types of membership

The ISI acknowledges the diversity of its members by offering different types of membership, grouped as:

  • Individual memberships

    You can be part of our global community.
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  • Organizational memberships

    Organizations are encouraged to assist us in furthering the cause of statistics on a national and international level.

    We count many national statistical offices and regional/international organizations among our Institutional members, central banks among our Corporate members, and statistical societies among our Affiliates.
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ISI Association memberships

Associations can be joined independently or combined with an individual ISI membership.