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Use these menu items to browse the papers by their type. Each submenu contains an entry to browse the papers, or the authors of this type of paper.

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Browse the daily schedule of the scientific programme. Papers are sorted by meeting, and the day and time the meeting is scheduled within the congress programme.

Alphabetical index of organisers, authors, and discussants

Complete alphabetical index of all organisers, authors, and discussants, regardless of the type of their meeting or paper.


This function enables you to search the papers for any keywords. Please note: Fulltext search is available for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape 6.x or newer only. On any other systems you can search for authors or paper titles only.
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Welcome - International Statistical Institute - Organisation of the 54th ISI Session - Special Sessions

Information about the 54th ISI Session

Programme Book (PDF)

The Programme Book of the 54th ISI Session in Adobe® PDF Format.

List of Participants

Complete alphabetical index of all participants of the 54th ISI Session

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