Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English diffuse prior ; vague prior
French a priori vague
German diffuse Priorverteilung ; vage Priorverteilung
Dutch diffuse a priori verdeling ; vage prior
Italian antecedente diffuso ; antecedente indeterminato ; precedente indeterminato
Spanish anterior difuso ; anterior vago
Catalan prior difusa ; prior vaga
Portuguese distribuišŃo a priori difusa ; distribuišŃo a priori vaga
Romanian -
Danish diffuse forudgňende ; vage f°r
Norwegian diffuse f°r ; vag f°r
Swedish icke-informativ apriorif÷rdelning
Greek διάχυτος προγενέστερος ; ασαφής προγενέστερος
Finnish diffuusi priori ; heikko priori
Hungarian el§zetesen diff˙z
Turkish ayrıntılı ÷ncŘl (dağılım) ; belirsiz ÷ncŘl (dağılım)
Estonian difuusne eeljaotus ; difuusne aprioorne jaotus ; ebainformatiivne eeljaotus
Lithuanian informacijos neaiÜkus aprioriÜkumas
Slovenian razprÜenih pred ; nejasne predhodne
Polish rozproszony rozkład a priori
Russian Априорное рассеивание
Ukrainian -
Serbian -
Icelandic dreif­ar ß­ur ; ˇljˇsar fyrir
Euskara barreiatua aurretik
Farsi -
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic انتشار مسبق
Afrikaans diffuse a priori-verdeling ; vae a priori-verdeling
Chinese 扩 散 先 验 分 布 ; 飞 确 定 先 验
Korean 확산사전(분포)

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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