Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English absolute difference
French différence absolue
German absolute Differenz
Dutch absoluut verschil
Italian differenza assoluta
Spanish diferencia absoluta
Catalan diferčncia absoluta
Portuguese diferença absoluta
Romanian diferenţă absolută
Danish absolut differens
Norwegian absolutt differens
Swedish absolut skillnad
Greek απόλυτη διαφορά
Finnish absoluuttinen erotus
Hungarian abszolút különbség
Turkish mutlak fark
Estonian absoluutne erinevus ; absoluutne vahe
Lithuanian absoliutusis skirtumas
Slovenian absolutna razlika
Polish różnica bezwzględna
Russian Абсолютное различие
Ukrainian абсолютна різниця
Serbian апсолутна разлика
Icelandic alger munur
Euskara erabateko aldea
Farsi tafazole motlagh
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic الفرق المطلق
Afrikaans absolute verskil (sonder inagneming van teken tussen die waardes van twee veranderlikes)
Chinese 绝 对 差
Korean 절대차

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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