Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English crypto-deterministic process
French processus crypto-déterministe ; processus stochastique de Whittaker
German latent-deterministischer Prozeß
Dutch crypto-deterministisch proces ; crypto-deterministisch proces volgens Whittaker
Italian processo-cripto-deterministico
Spanish proceso cripto-determinista
Catalan procés cripto-determinista
Portuguese processo cripto-determinístico
Romanian -
Danish krypto-deterministiske proces
Norwegian krypto-deterministisk prosess
Swedish krypto-deterministiska process
Greek κρυπτο-ντετερμινιστική διαδικασία
Finnish saladeterministinen prosessi
Hungarian rejtetten determinisztikus folyamat
Turkish şifresi belirli süreç ; şifresi belirgin süreç (proses)
Estonian krüpto-deterministlik protsess
Lithuanian kriptodeterminuotasis procesas
Slovenian kripto-deterministične proces
Polish proces kryptodeterministyczny
Russian Крипто-детерминированный процесс
Ukrainian -
Serbian -
Icelandic dulritunarstjórneiningunni-deterministic ferli
Euskara zifratze-determinatzailea prozesua
Farsi -
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic عملية عشوائية التجديد
Afrikaans kripto-deterministiese proses (Whittaker)
Chinese 秘 密 决 定 过 程
Korean -

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