Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English Brown-Mood procedure ; Mood-Brown procedure
French procédure de Brown-Mood
German Brown-Moodsches Verfahren
Dutch procedure van Brown-Mood
Italian procedura di Brown-Mood
Spanish procedimiento de Brown-Mood
Catalan procediment de Brown-Mood
Portuguese procedimento de Brown-Mood ; procedimento de Mood-Brown
Romanian Brown-Mood procedurii ; Mood-Brown procedura
Danish Brown-Mood procedure; Mood-Brown procedure
Norwegian Brown-Mood prosedyre ; Mood-Brown prosedyre
Swedish Brun-Mood förfarandet ; Mood-Brown förfarande
Greek Καφέ-Mood διαδικασία ; Mood-Brown διαδικασία
Finnish Brownin-Moodin menetelmä ; Brownin-Moodin proseduuri
Hungarian Brown-Mood-eljárás
Turkish Brown-Mood işlemi ; Mood-Brown işlemi
Estonian Brown-Moodi protseduur
Lithuanian Brown ir Mood procesas ; Brauno ir Mudo procedūra
Slovenian Brown-Mood postopek ; Mood-Brown postopek
Polish postępowanie Browna-Mooda
Russian Процедура Брауна-Муда
Ukrainian Браун-Настрій процедури ; Настрій-Браун процедури
Serbian Бровн-моод поступка ; расположењу Браун поступак
Icelandic Brown-Mood ađferđ ; Mood-Brown starfsreglur
Euskara Brown-Mood prozedura ; Mood-Brown prozedura
Farsi -
Persian-Farsi براون مود روش ; خلق روش براون
Arabic طريقة براون - مود
Afrikaans Brown-Mood-prosedure
Chinese 布 朗 ― 穆 德 过 程
Korean 브라운-무드 절차

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