Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English abnormal curve
French courbe non normale
German anormale Häufigkeitskurve
Dutch abnormale kromme
Italian curva anormale
Spanish curva anormal ; curva no normal
Catalan corba anormal
Portuguese curva anormal ; curva abnormal
Romanian curbă anormală
Danish unormal kurve
Norwegian unormal kurve
Swedish abnorm kurva
Greek μη κανονική καμπύλη
Finnish epänormaali käyrä
Hungarian nem normális görbe
Turkish normal olmayan (anormal) eğri
Estonian mittenormaalne kõver
Lithuanian nenormalioji kreivė ; suplokštėjusi kreivė
Slovenian nenormalno krivulja
Polish krzywa nienormalna
Russian Анормальная кривая
Ukrainian анормальна крива
Serbian абнормална крива
Icelandic óeðlilegt ferli
Euskara anormal kurba
Farsi monhani nahanjar
Persian-Farsi انحراف مطلق
Arabic منحنى شارد
Afrikaans abnormale kromme
Chinese 非 正 态 曲 线
Korean 비정상 곡선

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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