Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English zone of indifference ; region of indifference ; indifference zone ; indifference region
French rÚgion d'indiffÚrence
German Indifferenzbereich
Dutch indifferentiegebied (van een toets)
Italian zona di indifferenza
Spanish zona de indiferencia
Catalan zona d'indiferŔncia ; regiˇ d'indiferŔncia
Portuguese zona de indiferenša ; regiŃo de indiferenša
Romanian -
Danish indifferensomrňde
Norwegian indifferensomrňde
Swedish indifferenszon
Greek ζώνη της αδιαφορίας ; περιοχή της αδιαφορίας ; ζώνη αδιαφορίας ; περιοχή αδιαφορίας
Finnish indifferenssialue
Hungarian k÷z÷mb÷ssÚgi tartomßny
Turkish farksızlık b÷lgesi
Estonian Řksk§iksuspiirkond ; neutraalsuspiirkond
Lithuanian IndiferentiÜkumo zona ; abejingumo zona
Slovenian območje indiferentnosti
Polish strefa obojętności ; strefa indyferencji
Russian Область безразличия
Ukrainian область байдужості
Serbian -
Icelandic svŠ­i af afskiptaleysi ; svŠ­inu af afskiptaleysi ; afskiptaleysi svŠ­inu ; afskiptaleysi svŠ­inu
Euskara -
Farsi m nt gheye bit favoti
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic منطقة الحياد؛ منطقة عدم التفريق
Afrikaans indifferensiegebied (van 'n toets)
Chinese 无 差 別 区 域
Korean 무차별 영역

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