Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English three-dimensional lattice
French treillis ŕ trois dimensions
German dreidimensionales Gitter
Dutch drie-dimensionaal rooster
Italian reticolo a tre dimensioni
Spanish damero tridimensional ; retículo tridimensional
Catalan reticle tridimensional
Portuguese reticulado tridimensional
Romanian -
Danish tredimensionalt gitter
Norwegian tredimensjonal lattis
Swedish tredimensionellt gitter
Greek τρισδιάστατο πλέγμα
Finnish kolmiulotteinen hila
Hungarian háromdimenziós rács
Turkish üç boyutlu kafes
Estonian kolmemőőtmeline vőre
Lithuanian trimatė struktūra ; trimatė gardelė
Slovenian -
Polish krata trójwymiarowa ; krata przestrzenna
Russian Трехмерная решетка
Ukrainian тривимірна гратка
Serbian -
Icelandic tridimensional grindarbyggingu
Euskara -
Farsi latise sebo-di
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic شبكي مجسم
Afrikaans driedimensionele rooster
Chinese 三 维 格
Korean 3차원 격자

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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