Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English statistical tolerance limit ; prediction limit
French limites de tolérance statistique
German statistische Toleranzgrenze
Dutch statistische tolerantiegrens
Italian limite di tolleranza statistica
Spanish limites de tolerancia estadistica
Catalan límit de tolerŕncia estadística ; límit de predicció
Portuguese limite de tolerância estatística ; limite de prediçăo
Romanian -
Danish -
Norwegian -
Swedish statistisk toleransgräns
Greek στατιστικό όριο ανοχής ; όριο πρόβλεψης
Finnish tilastollinen sieto- l. toleranssiraja
Hungarian statisztikai tűrési határ
Turkish istatistiksel tolerans sınırı ; istatistiksel öngörü sınırı
Estonian statistiline tolerantsipiir
Lithuanian statistiškai leistina riba
Slovenian -
Polish granice statystyczne tolerancji
Russian Статистически ограниченный допуск ; предел предсказания
Ukrainian -
Serbian -
Icelandic tölfrćđilegra ţolmörk ; spá mörk
Euskara -
Farsi h dde mojaze amari
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic حدود التحمل الاحصائية ، حدود التوقع
Afrikaans statistiese toleransiegrens
Chinese 统 计 容 许 限
Korean 통계적 허용한계

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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