Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English St Petersburg paradox ; Petersburg paradox ; Petersburg game
French paradoxe de St Petersburg
German Petersburger Paradoxon
Dutch paradox van St. Petersburg
Italian paradosso di San Petersburg
Spanish paradoja de San Petersburgo
Catalan paradoxa de Sant Petersburg ; paradoxa de Petersburg ; joc de Petersburg
Portuguese paradoxo de S. Petersburgo
Romanian -
Danish Sankt Petersborg paradoks
Norwegian Sankt Petersborg paradoks
Swedish -
Greek Αγία Πετρούπολη παράδοξο ; Πετρούπολη παράδοξο ;? Πετρούπολη παιχνίδι
Finnish Pietarin paradoksi ; Pietarin peli
Hungarian szentpétervári paradoxon
Turkish St Petersburg paradoksu ; St Petersburg ikilemi ; Petersburg paradoksu ; Petersburg oyunu
Estonian Peterburi paradoks ; Peterburi mäng
Lithuanian Sankt Peterburgo paradoksas ; Peterburgo paradoksas ; Peterburgo lošimas
Slovenian -
Polish paradoks petersburski ; gra petersburska
Russian Парадокс Санкт-Петербурга ; петербургская игра
Ukrainian -
Serbian -
Icelandic St Petersburg þversögn ; Petersburg þversögn ; Petersburg leikur
Euskara San Petersburgo-ko paradoxa
Farsi -
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic متناقضة او لغز سانت بتسربغ ، لعبة سانت بتسربغ
Afrikaans St Petersburg-paradoks
Chinese 圣 彼 特 堡 悖 论
Korean St Petersburg 역설 ; St Petersburg패러독스

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