Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English semi-Latin square
French carré semi-latin
German halblateinisches Quadrat
Dutch half-Latijns vierkant
Italian semi-quadrato latino
Spanish cuadrada semi-latino ; cuadrado semilatino
Catalan quadrat semi-llatí
Portuguese quadrado semilatino
Romanian -
Danish halvromersk kvadrat
Norwegian semi-latinsk kvadrat
Swedish semiromersk kvadrat
Greek ημι-λατινικού τετραγώνου
Finnish puolilatinalainen neliö
Hungarian fél-latin négyzet
Turkish yarı-Latin karesi
Estonian pool-ladina ruut
Lithuanian pusiau lotyniškasis kvadaratas
Slovenian -
Polish kwadrat półłaciński
Russian Семи-латинский квадрат
Ukrainian -
Serbian полу Латински квадрат
Icelandic hálf-Latin ferningur
Euskara -
Farsi mor b -e nime Latin
Persian-Farsi مربعهاي نيم‌لاتين
Arabic مربع نصف لاتيني
Afrikaans semi-Latynse vierkant
Chinese 半 拉 丁 方
Korean 준라틴 방격[정방,정사각형]

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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