Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English renewal theorem
French théorčme de renouvellement
German Erneuerungstheorem
Dutch vernieuwingstheorema
Italian teorema di rinnovo
Spanish teorema de renovación
Catalan teorema de renovació
Portuguese teorema do renovamento ; teorema da renovaçăo (bra)
Romanian -
Danish fornyelsessćtning
Norwegian fornyelses teorem
Swedish förnyelsesats
Greek θεώρημα ανανέωσης
Finnish uusiutumislause
Hungarian megújulási tétel
Turkish yenileme teoremi ; yenileme savı
Estonian taastumisteoreem
Lithuanian atstatymo teorema
Slovenian -
Polish twierdzenie o odnowieniu
Russian Теорема восстановления
Ukrainian теорема відновлення
Serbian -
Icelandic endurnýjun setningin
Euskara berritzeko teorema
Farsi n z riyeye t jdid
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic نظرية التجدد
Afrikaans hernuwing-stelling
Chinese 更 新 定 理
Korean 갱신정리

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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