Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English quasi-normal equations
French équations quasi normales
German Quasi-Normalgleichungen
Dutch quasi-normaalvergelijkingen
Italian quasi equazioni normali
Spanish ecuaciones cuasi normales
Catalan equacions quasi-normals
Portuguese equações quase-normais
Romanian -
Danish kwasi-normal segmentationsdeling
Norwegian kwasi-normal likestilling
Swedish kwasi-normal ekvation
Greek οιονεί κανονικές εξισώσεις
Finnish kvasinormaaliyhtälö
Hungarian kvázi normálegyenletek
Turkish yarı-normal denklemler
Estonian kvaasinormaalvõrrandid
Lithuanian kvazinormaliosios lygtys
Slovenian -
Polish równania quasi-normalne
Russian Квази - нормальные уравнения
Ukrainian квазінормальні рівняння
Serbian квази нормалне једначине
Icelandic hálf-normal jöfnur
Euskara -
Farsi moadelate shebhe normal
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic معادلات شبه طبيعية
Afrikaans kwasienormaalvergelykings
Chinese 拟 正 规 方 程
Korean 준정규방정식

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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