Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English Bartlett adjustment ; Bartlett correction
French correction de Bartlett
German Bartlett-Korrektur
Dutch Bartlett aanpassing ; Bartlett correctie
Italian correzione di Bartlett
Spanish corrección de Bartlett
Catalan correcció de Bartlett
Portuguese correcção de Bartlett ; correção de Bartlett (bra)
Romanian -
Danish Bartlettkorrektion
Norwegian Bartlett korreksjon
Swedish Bartlettkorrektion
Greek προσαρμογή Bartlett ; διόρθωση Bartlett
Finnish Bartlettin korjaus
Hungarian Bartlett beállítás ; Bartlett korrekció
Turkish Bartlett ayarlaması ; Bartlett düzeltmesi
Estonian -
Lithuanian -
Slovenian Bartlett prilagoditev ; Bartlett popravek
Polish wyrównanie Bartletta ; poprawka Bartletta
Russian Корректировки Барлетта
Ukrainian -
Serbian -
Icelandic Bartlett aðlögunar ; Bartlett leiðrétting
Euskara Bartlett egokitzeko ; Bartlett zuzenketa
Farsi -
Persian-Farsi تصحيح بارتلت
Arabic تصحيح بارتليت
Afrikaans Bartlett-verstelling ; Bartlett-korreksie
Chinese -
Korean 바틀렛 수정

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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