Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English bar chart ; bar graph
French diagramme ā tuyaux d'orgue ; diagramme ā colonnes ; diagramme de barres ; diagramme ā bâtons ; diagramme ā tuyaux d'orgue ; histogramme
German Stabdiagramm ; Säulendiagramm
Dutch staafdiagram
Italian grafico a barre ; grafico a colonne ; diagramma a barre ; diagramma a colonne
Spanish gráfico de barras ; diagrama de barras
Catalan diagrama de barres
Portuguese gráfico de barras ; diagrama de barras
Romanian -
Danish pindediagram
Norwegian stolpediagram
Swedish stapeldiagram
Greek ραβδόγραμμα
Finnish pylväskuvio
Hungarian oszlopdiagram
Turkish įubuk grafiği
Estonian tulpdiagramm
Lithuanian histograma
Slovenian prikaz s stolpci
Polish wykres słupkowy ; karta słupkowa ; histogram
Russian Гистограмма
Ukrainian гістограма
Serbian тракасти дијаграм
Icelandic stöplarit ; súlurit
Euskara barra-diagrama
Farsi nemoodare mile-ee
Persian-Farsi نمودار ميله‌اي
Arabic خريطة الاعمدة ( لوحة الاعمدة)؛ لوحة المراقبة
Afrikaans staafkaart
Chinese 条 星 图
Korean 막대그림표, 막대도표

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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